About Us

Armour Belts is committed to excellence and quality. For years, JB Gun Belts has provided his customers with quality products and service. Our staff at Armour Belts have been trained by the master craftsmanship of the JB Gun Belts owner and we will strive to provide the same level of expertise to our product. Armour Belts plans to continue his legacy through quality products and exceptional service. 

Armour Belts is committed to making high-quality custom belts. Gun belts for concealed carry, Embossed belts, and Exotic hides are just a few of the products we provide our customers. We realize that the only way to make them comfortable, stylish, and affordable is to incorporate high quality materials, with a custom handmade aspect, which no machine can reproduce.  With any quality handmade item, there can be slight imperfections that we try our best to avoid.  We strive for excellence at Armour Belts, not only in our workmanship, but in our customer satisfaction, as well.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product, we will do our best to make it right with you.  Thank you again, and may you enjoy the many years of use that our belts will provide you. for special requests please email us from the contact page or feel free to call or text 480-294-0368