Frequently Asked Questions

Sizing your new gun belt.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of correctly measuring for your new gun belt. Sizing is critical and is your responsibility. Remember each leather belt is hand crafted from the information you provide. Do not send me your pant size or your waist size. Please do not guess at your belt size. Please follow the instructions on "Measuring your new belt". If you carry an inside the waist band (IWB) holster, you will need to measure with your holster in place as you wear it. We do not accept exchanges on wrong size exotic belts.

Payment options.

We accept all major credit cards through our secure checkout also Paypal , check, or money orders. You can place all orders through our secure checkout. Just select the appropriate option and send the information provided. This assures we get your order correct. and We can even start making your belt while your check's in the mail.

I am having difficulty registering

We at Armour belts understand the frustrations of the internet, and that sometimes things don't go right. If you have signed up, but are having trouble finding your confirmation email, look in your spam folder or junk box. Another option is to check out as a Guest and not have to go through the whole email process. If all else fails.......Call us! 480-294-0368 or send an email.


We ship all our products USPS at a flat rate of $9.00 per order. We ship usually within one week of your order.  (We are quicker than that a majority of the time.) Please allow a couple of weeks for exotic belts. If you are located in Canada or across the pond, please advise and I will give you a shipping quote and make sure your country is listed on my checkout page.


My main objective is to put beautiful custom-made gun belt into the hands of customers.  If you find that navigating this site is not for you and would prefer to contact me directly, I'm happy to conduct business in that manner.  You can always email what you want and send payments to [email protected] via PayPal or send a check or money order to the address below:

Armour Belts

Attn: Mike

1452 Ivanhoe Road

Ludington, MI  49431


Returns or exchanges.

I ordered the wrong what? Contact me first. My new policy is as follows.

Gun Belts are precision made from the information you provide.  I am not a stocking warehouse based out of China, but  a one-man operation trying to survive by providing a great product at a great price. If you feel my belts are too expensive, I sincerely welcome you to explore belts available from other sources which may better suit your budget. I charge a fee of $15.00 per belt for re-stocking. Return your belt back to me with $15.00, and I will send you the size you need(exotic belts excluded).


Black- looks black in color, the belt you recieve will look like black.

Brown- this color comes in shades light to dark. I try to find a happy medium, but be advised that this could be a lighter or darker shade of brown.

Mahogany-- This color looks brown, but it has a reddish tint to it.

Blue-- Looks blue, but here again the shade could be a little lighter or darker. I try to keep colors consistent when I stain them. 

Chocolate- This color is dark like the mahogany but without the reddish tint.

Natural-This is the leather in it's natural state.

Tan- is slightly darker than the natural color.


Do you use Bullhide???

Over the past year I have been asked numerous times to produce a belt using bull hide. I have spoken with many leather suppliers to try and find actual 100% bull hide. Not one of the suppliers in America could guarantee the leather I would receive would come from a mature (testicles present and not removed) male bovine. I could use the name loosely (and hide what I actually use in small print on my site) but I prefer an honest approach. I use leather from a bovine. It could be bull, steer, stag, or heifer, but I cannot guarantee which one.
Thanks again