Armour Belts is a family-owned company based in Michigan; who's dedicated to providing our customers with the highest premium gun belts and unsurpassed five-star customer satisfaction. Our craftsmanship begins by hand selecting from the genuine leather that we obtain from Horween Leather Company to ensure the best caliber gun belts. We construct our belts with full-grain leather because it's the most expensive layer of the hide and includes all of the natural grain; which contains the strongest fibers that contributes to its durability and integrity – a guarantee that our gun belts will be reliable for years to come.

Our gun belts are assembled with two layers of full-grain leather that are bonded to maintain an impervious seam and then stitched together with two rows of high tensile nylon thread #277. We measure each belt to meet our customers exact specifications, then hand punch each hole with an oval punch to aid in the buckle sitting correctly, and hand burnish every belt to ensure a comfortable and dependable fitting across the hips. We treat our gun belts with an Armour protective coating; not once but three times to provide a long-lasting finish. We have the finest assortment of belt buckles for one's customization needs. Every Armour belt is engraved with our emblem and includes: your name and size – should you decide to order a different color or style.


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Gun Belt

1.5 inch wide. Two layers of premium grade leather. 2 rows of hand stitching.Regular price $89.00 Now priced at 85.00
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Gun Belt 1.75 inch

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Armour Ozarks

two layers of 1.5 inch nylon. Outer strap consists of 1 inch strap and a cobra buckle.